Once again, I’m back.

It’s been about 6 years since I had this blog open, have a trip down memory lane if you like. My how time has gone by. So, what the hell happened?

Around 2008 I stopped working for the business that was creating my dire need for catharsis by lambasting every idiot that came through the store, I went to college and started my own business. Without the antagonistic co-workers pissing off customers, and the ability to “fire” customers, I no longer felt the need to write about them. Well that and my old employer / now competitor was aware of the blog and might have used it against me.

So 4 years of running my own business I got fed up with it and started looking employment ANYWHERE else and after flying across the states for in person interviews I wound up choosing where I’m currently at. Now, I prefer to keep it all secret of course, we must protect the innocent guilty, and anonymize this whole thing up.

The place I’m at is rather relaxing, but it does allow me many opportunities to learn, and in fact since I’ve been here I can say I’ve learned quite a bit. So while I won’t be griping about customers near as much as I used to, I will be sharing what I’ve learned. And hopefully, I’ll make it fun too while I’m at it.


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